New insights into scribbly gum moth biology and taxonomy

12 Aug 2014

While signs of the scribbly gum moths are well known, surprisingly, not much is known about their biology. Thankfully, a team of entomologists and a botanist from CSIRO have discovered more interesting information about scribbly gum moth biology, and in fact, discovered that there are at least 12 different species that make the scribbles! Read more about their research:

CSIRO podcast

CSIRO article


Systematics and biology of the iconic Australian scribbly gum moths Ogmograptis Meyrick (Lepidoptera : Bucculatricidae) and their unique insect–plant interaction

M. Horak A D, M. F. Day A, C. Barlow B, E. D. Edwards A, Y. N. Su A and S. L. Cameron C

Invertebrate Systematics 26(4) 357-398

Submitted: 6 April 2012  Accepted: 31 July 2012   Published: 27 November 2012