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The Molecular Ecology Lab

Greg Sword, researcher at the University of Sydney uses ecological, behavioural, and molecular techniques to examine insect migration. See videos of Mormon cricket swarm behaviour on his website.

Evolution And Biodiversity Of Australian Insects

David Yeates at CSIRO Entomology's Australian National Insect collection uses phenotypic and genotypic datasets to understand the evolution and biodiversity of Australian insects...

Regulation of Bioluminescence In Glow-Worms

David Merritt at the University of Queensland's School of Biological Sciences is studying the regulation of bioluminescence in glow-worms and insect developmental mechanisms using the model genetic organism, Drosophila melanogaster.

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April 2016: Education, Mosquito Management Programs, and Cooperation Needed to Stop Zika, Dengue, and Chikungunya

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August 2011: Fewer Aphids in Organic Crop Fields, Study Finds

August 2011: Butterfly Study Sheds Light On Convergent Evolution: Single Gene Controls Mimicry Across Different Species

June 2011: 49-Million-Year-Old Spider Images and Video

June 2011: Underwater Spider Spins Itself an Aqualung

June 2011: Glaciations May Have Larger Influence on Biodiversity Than Current Climate, Dung Beetle Study Finds

June 2011: Smallest Insect Filmed in Flight

May 2011: A Plant's Sugary Offering Betrays Caterpillars to Predatory Ants

May 2011: Jurassic Spider from China Is Largest Fossil Specimen Discovered

May 2011: Bacterium Found to Kill Malaria in Mosquitoes

May 2011: Researchers Discover Optical Secrets of 'Metallic' Beetles

April 2011: Bacteria in Wasp Antennae Produce Antibiotic Cocktails

April 2011: Molecular Messages from Moth Antennae: Scientists Assemble Genes Involved in Regulating Olfaction

April 2011: Sweet Potato White Fly becomes Supermom

April 2011: Conservation International's 20 most remarkable and/or threatened insects

Mar 2011: Fleas’ ‘Feet’ Unleash That Spectacular Leap

Mar 2011: Four New Species of Zombie Ant Fungi Discovered in Brazilian Rainforest

Mar 2011: Clues about Grasshopper Population Explosions

Mar 2011: Millions of crickets invading Victoria

Feb 2011: Insects Might Help People Hear Better

Feb 2011: Eat insects to ease food insecurity and climate change

Feb2011: Ants Have Big Impact on Environment as 'Ecosystem Engineers'

Feb 2011: Rare Insect Fossil reveals 100 million years of evolutionary stasis

Jan 2011: Eliminate Dengue trials commence - a significant step in Australian science

Jan 2011: Bees One of Many Pollinators Infected by Virus Implicated in Colony Collapse Disorder

Jan 2011: When Their Tools Get Dull, Leaf-Cutters Switch Jobs

Dec 2010: Catnip Oil Repels Bloodsucking Flies

Dec 2010: Current Locust situation

Dec 2010: A maths lesson from ants

Dec 2010: One of the rarest flies in the world - the Mormotomiya Hirsuta - has been found in remote Kenya

Nov 2010: New Insect Birth Control Strategy Zaps Cotton Pests

Nov 2010: Bushcricket Has the Largest Testicles Relative to Body Mass of Any Animal

Nov 2010: DNA barcodes keep pests out

Nov 2010: Current Locust Situation

Oct 2010: Bee Colony Collapse Associated With Viral, Fungal Infection, Biologist Says

Oct 2010: Maggot Art Used to Educate Youngsters

Oct 2010: Monarch Butterflies Use Medicinal Plants to Treat Offspring for Disease

Sept 2010: The case of the vanishing taxonomists

Sept 2010: Tasmanian parasitic wasps to NZ rescue

August 2010: Aphids, abandon ship

August 2010: Artificial Bee Eye Gives Insight Into Insects’ Visual World

August 2010: Combination of Biological and Chemical Pesticides More Effective Than Expected on Malaria Mosquitoes

July 2010: New University of Florida cell phone ’app’ lets users identify pests with photos, text

July 2010: Forget mice, elephants intimidated by ants; Swarms on acacia trees keep the mighty beasts at bay

July 2010: Pear Pest's Chemical 'Come Hither' Identified

July 2010: Insulin Signaling Key to Caste Development in Bees

July 2010: Researchers Find 'Key Ingredient' That Regulates Termite Caste System

June 2010: From Butterflies' Wings to Bank Notes: How Nature's Colors Could Cut Bank Fraud

June 2010: New rapid, effective system for monitoring mosquito-borne disease

June 2010: 25 New Beetle Species Found in Turkish Oak Biotopes

June 2010: New Species of Large Blue Butterfly Discovered

May 2010: Fruit flies turn on autopilot - High-speed video shows how bugs change course in a flash

May 2010: Aphids make their own bright colors - Insects borrowed genes from fungi to make nutritious pigments

June 2010: Pathogens Chase Down Migrating Gypsy Moths

April 2010: World's Strongest Insect Revealed

April 2010: Stunning pictures of sleeping insects covered in water droplets

April 2010: Sand Fly Barcoding in Panama Reveals Leishmania Strain and Its Potential Control

April 2010: Bees see super color at super speed

Mar 2010: Bees face "unprecedented" pesticide exposures

Mar 2010: Glow in the dark sperm sheds light on reproductive biology, sexual selection and speciation

Mar 2010: Pulling power points way to world's strongest insect - a dung beetle

April 2010: Hawaiian caterpillars are first known amphibious insects

Feb 2010: Surprising New Branches on Arthropod Family Tree

Feb2010: Migrating Insects Fly in the Fast Lane

Feb 2010: Deceptively delicious smell of infected squash plants tricks aphids into spreading disease

Jan 2010 - Northern Territory Insects: A comprehensive guide by Graham Brown. Now available!

Jan 2010 - No one villain behind honeybee colony collapse

Jan 2010 - Poison-taster ants protect the colony

Jan 2010 - Deadly Scorpion Provides Safe Pesticide

Jan 2010 - Nocturnal Vision of Insects Inspires Automakers to Develop Improved Night Cameras

Dec 09 - How a Brain Hormone Controls Insect Metamorphosis

Dec 09 - Aggression-Promoting Pheromone Discovered in Flies

Dec 09 - Bagheera kiplingi - the mostly vegetarian spider

Dec 09 - First Butterflies in space emerge

May 09 'Velcro'-like Structures On Flower Petals Help Bees Stick

Mar 09 Remote diagnostics allow on the spot insect identifications for quarantine

Mar 09 UQ students dig up dirt on dung beetle research

Mar 09 Wasp bred to tackle livestock pest

Mar 09 Bugs take drugs!

Mar 09 New invertebrates found and named in WA

Feb 09 Link Between Southern USA Stink Bug And Cotton Disease Explained

Jan 09 Electrical aphid conductors complete the circuit in legume resistance research

Dec 08 Invasion of Hairy Caterpillars in Queensland.

Nov 08 Who needs guns when you have insects?

Oct 08 Giant bird eating spider captured on film

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