To study entomology at university you will most likely need to enrol in a Bachelor of Science, but that will depend on the institution you chose to attend. Should your chosen institution not offer enough entomology for your liking, you are able (in most cases) to take some subjects from an alternative institution as a part of your degree. Some of the entomology subjects listed are perfect for this (termed cross-institutional enrollment) as they are offered online. For more information on enrolling via cross institutional enrollment click here.

The following is a list of entomology subjects offered at the various universities throughout Australia. Contact the university of your preference to find out about studying entomology with them. 

Central Queensland University

 ZOOL19004 - Insect Biology

Charles Sturt University

  • PSC 201 -  Invertebrate Pests (Available Online)
  • PSC 690 -  Integrated Pest Management 

Contact Dr Paul Weston for more information about entomology at CSU

James Cook University

  •  BZ 3745 - Tropical Entomology
  • TM 5518 - Medical Entomology

Contact Dr Peter Yeeles for more information about entomology at JCU

La Trobe University

  • ZOO2FE - Australian Fauna and Ecology; Semester 1 (commencing 2020)
  • ENV3MFC - Mallee Field Course Semester 1
  • ENV3API - Animal-plant interactions Semester 2
  • AGR2PPD/AGR3PPP – Plant Pests & Diseases/Plant Pests & Pathogens Semester 1

Contact Assoc Prof Martin Steinbauer for more information about entomology at LTU.

The Australian National University

BIOL3115 -  Entomology

The University of Adelaide

  • PLANT SC 2500WT - Microbiology and Invertebrate Biology II
  • PLANT SC 3510WT -  Plant Health III
  • PLANT SC 7245WT - Plant Health A
  • ENV BIOL 3011 - Evolution and Diversity of Insects III
  • ENV BIOL 2503 - Zoology II
  • AN BEHAV 2000RW - Foundations of Animal Behaviour 

Contact Dr Jerome Buhl for more information about entomology at The University of Adelaide.

The University of New England

  • ZOOL220 - Entomology (Available Online)
  • ZOOL 328 - Insect-Plant Interactions Semester 2 (Available Online)

Contact Dr Nigel Andrew for more information about entomology at UNE.

The University of Queensland

Entomology subjects can be studied within a Zoology Major of the Bachelor of Science program.

  • BIOL 2205 - Insect Science Semester 2 (Available Online)
  • BIOL 3238 -  Insect Structure, Function and Physiology Semester 1 (Available Online)
  • BIOL 3009 -  Arthropods and Human Health Semester 1
  • BIOL 3208 -  Applied Insect Biology Semester 2
  • BIOL 3240 - Introduction to Research in Biology (entomology topic) Semester 1/Semester 2
  • BIOL 3232 - Insect Identification and Taxonomy Summer Semester (Available Online)

Contact Dr David Merritt for more information about entomology at UQ.

The University of Sydney

  • ENTO2001 - Introductory Entomology
  • ENTO4003 - Integrated Pest Management
  • ENTO 4004 - Insect Taxonomy and Systematic
  • AFNR5307 -  Crop Protection

Contact Dr Tanya Latty for more information about entomology at USyd.

The University of Tasmania

  • KLA255 - Lower Life Forms: Insects and Plant Diseases
  • KLA314 -  Insect Ecology and Behaviour
  • KLA311 - Crop Protection

Contact Assoc Prof Geoff Allen for more information about entomology at UTas.

The University of Western Australia  

  • FNSC5615 - Death Investigations - Forensic entomology Semester 1
  • AGRI4406 - Integrated Pest Management Semester 2

Contact Assoc Prof Christian Nansen for more information about entomology at UWA.

The University of Western Sydney

  • 300918 - Invertebrate Biology
  • 300921 - Plant Health and Biosecurity

How to enrol

If you want to enrol in a subject that is not offered by your home institution, you will need to enrol via cross-institutional enrollment:

  • Present the information about the subject(s) to the Faculty Office/Head of Program at your own institution and request permission to have your enrollment in ECA subjects count towards your degree.
  • Complete the forms/process required to enable your institution to recognise your cross-institutional enrolment.
  • Contact the institution(s) offering the ECA subject(s) you are interested in, tell them about your intention to take the ECA subject via cross-institutional enrollment and enrol as per their requirements.

Enrolling for personal/professional interest

If you want to complete an entomology subject on its own for professional development or personal interest and not as part of a degree, then you can enrol as a non-award enrollment.

  • Contact the institution(s) offering the subject(s) you are interested in, tell them about your intention to take the subject as a non-award student and enrol as per their requirements.