Graduates who have studied entomology at university level will be well prepared to work with insects and arachnids important in human affairs.  Potential employers include institutions such as the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), State Departments of Agriculture, Health, Environment, Conservation and Land Management, and Quarantine. Urban pest control companies, manufacturers of agricultural and veterinary insecticides and biological control companies also employ entomologists.

Universities are also significant employers of graduates with entomology training because this branch of biology is significant in many disciplines including ecology and evolutionary biology, genetics, veterinary, agricultural and medical fields. Entomology can be useful for teachers seeking employment in schools, employment as advisors and trainers in larger urban pest control companies, and advisers in pest control in agricultural and veterinary settings. Entomologists also work as consultants to the agricultural, natural resources and mining sectors.  A knowledge of entomology is especially useful for environmental impact studies because insects are important bio-indicators.